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Phase 1

Phase 1 – Base Office / Residence:
Project Ethiopia will establish a base office / residence for Teresa & Tom Rieder from which to plan, account, provision, warehouse, and rest & recuperate, located in the major city of Arba Minch, Ethiopia. The Southwest region offices of the Kale Heywet Church are located there as well. The office / residence building is provided rent free by KHC, with their request that this building be rejuvenated (paint, windows, plumbing, electricity, doors … all needing replacement and/or retrofit at a minimum requirement to make this building suitable as living accommodation). Electric wiring will be converted from city utility (unstable and high outage) to an “offgrid” solar power system, with enough energy to provide on demand power for common household appliances, low wattage lighting, computer station, ventilation, and occasional water well pumping. The house is bare, hence furnishings of appliances, window treatments, floor covering, furniture, utensils, and the like will be needed as well.

1.1)  Solar Electric System materials as follows:

Item Description                                              Est. Cost $USD (pre duty & sales taxes)

3 80w 12Vdc solar panels (Sharp)                      1350

3 panel mounting brackets                                    150

3 12Vdc 110ah batteries                                         630

1 20A Solar Charge Regulator (Xanrex)           200

6 18W solar florescent light fixtures                  270

6 light switches-fuses-cable ass’y                        200

1 house wiring & outlets                                           150

BatteryRack-BattCables & Distribution Wire   150

TM500A power monitor meter (Xantrex)        220

2000W Sine-wave Inverter (Proline 2.0)         1380

2000W back-up electric generator (Honda)    1100

2 12Vdc Fans (Endless Breeze)                               150

Subtotal (this list of equipment):                          $5,950

1.2)  Materials for building renovation as follows:

Item Description                   Est. Cost $USD (pre duty & sales taxes)

Refrigerator (480) & Wash Mach (450)                930

Furniture (Bed, Desk, Table, Sofa, etal)                500

Cookstove & propane tank                                         180

Flush toilet, basin & shower faucets                       240

1200CFM Evaporative Cooler (Kuulaire)            520

Doors & window screens                                             350

Paint & materials                                                            200

Floor coverings                                                              200

Hired Labor                                                                     300

Miscellaneous                                                                200

Subtotal (this list of equipment):                         $3,620

Total Estimated Cost, Phase 1: $9,570

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