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Lauren’s Story

I’m Jen’s sister-from-another-mister (otherwise known as sister-in-law). I’m married to a Marine and we are stationed in Okinawa, Japan. I am self-employed doing contract wok for the government. I have a dog that is named after my husband’s favorite fast food bento joint in Japan, “Hotto Motto.” We just call him Motto.
So what’s my connection to Ethiopia and the water crisis? I don’t have a background in development and I had no desire to go to Africa. Why in the world would a girl like me fly across the world to spend a month with her sister-in-law in a third world country? Who even hangs out with their sister-in-laws?
I have no idea, but God clearly does. He has used Jen to help me care about access to clean water, health and hygiene, and Tom and Teresa’s Project Ethiopia. I’m still working all this stuff out and I don’t know what role I’ll play, but I know that God wants me to be involved. I am honored that Jen is letting me air out some of my thoughts on her blog, however confused they are.

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