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Thank You, NPR

April 17, 2012

I had done much research (before and after my move to Alaska) to see if there were organizations in Alaska that focused on work in eastern Africa, and my search came up fruitless…until a few weeks ago when I got in my car, turned on the radio, and listened to a gentleman talk about a project in Sudan. I was instantly intrigued. I was on my way to pick up Matt on base (about a 15 minute drive) and I had one of those “oh-my-goodness-I-don’t-recall-any-part-of-the-drive-to-pick-up-Matt” moments as I pulled into the parking lot, because of this radio program on NPR. At the end of the program, I remember the gentleman stating the name of the organization, Alaska Sudan Medical Project. I repeated it out loud about ten times so I could look it up when I returned home. To say I was in shock and surprised would be an understatement. I guess Alaskans do know what’s up! Ha! All kidding aside, this organization provides health centers and water & sanitation systems for remote villages of Sudan. I have mentioned before that I will do my best to bring awareness of organizations who are doing much in terms of bettering the lives of those who do not have access to clean water and I truly believe Alaska Sudan Medical Project is one of those organizations. So, check them out. And, thank you, NPR, for introducing them to me.

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