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A Film

February 15, 2012

When I know something will make me uncomfortable; frustrate the heck out of me; will leave me feeling compelled to do more, I will avoid it.

I know you’ve done it, too.

Well, I finally faced the uncomfortable situation of watching the film FLOW, an award winning documentary by Irena Salina. It is completely absurd to think that sitting down in front of a tv and watching this film would be something that I have avoided for about nine months (when I became aware of the film) and I was spot-on when I predicted that I would be frustrated, motivated, inspired and paralyzed.

You see I have thought of a million different ways to introduce the film to you. I have no poignant words to describe the film and to express my opinions in a coherent fashion because my passion for clean water usually leaves me tripping and stumbling over my tongue (or in this case, my keyboard) as I try to explain that clean water for all (to include you and me) has to be understood on such a grand scale. The film goes into what we (yes, all of us) have introduced into this environment has ended up in our water supply (fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, etc. and we wonder why we have so many health issues currently in society, but I digress), but it doesn’t stop there. Water is liquid gold, blue gold…gold! Business savvy people/bankers/multi-million $ organizations have realized this and are profiting from “free water” and then charging those lower on the totem pole to pay astronomical prices for a basic necessity to life. This film touches on many aspects of water that I can’t emphasize enough on how you need to watch this film. Don’t put it off as long as I have. Once you have watched it please leave a comment. Let’s start a discussion; a little movement on the internet that is something worthwhile so I spend less time on Facebook and Pinterest (ha – for real!) and more time debating something I can’t stop thinking about…water.

Here’s the link in case you missed it above:

FLOW the Film

Totally random, but I can’t get enough of the song “Desert Soul” by Rend Collective.

There is so much inspiration and motivation in the forms of music and films. What has inspired you recently? What song in your playlist is on repeat?

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