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Wuha = Water

January 7, 2011

Amharic is the dominant language of Ethiopia. If you ever find yourself in Ethiopia (and a bit parched) you will ask for a glass of “wuha”. However, you, along with many of the locals, may not have the luxury of such an option. More than half of the population lacks access to clean drinking water.

Ethiopia Stats:
Population: 80.7 million
Lacking clean water: 58
Below poverty line: 39
Climate: Tropical monsoon with wide topographic-induced variation
Languages: Amharic, Tigrinya, Oromigna, Guaragigna, Somali, Arabic, Other Local Languages
Ethnic Groups: Oromo 40%, Amhara and Tigre 32%, Sidamo 9%, Somali 6%, Afar 4%, Gurage 2%, Other 1%
Life Expectancy: 54 years
Infant Mortality Rate: 81 deaths per 1000 live births
{Courtesy of Living Water International}

I promise you, this isn’t a guilt trip. That’s “so yesterday!” But facts and statistics are relevant to understand how big this issue truly is. 1 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water. That is over 4 people dying every minute from something that so many of us, the privilaged, take for granted. It claims more lives through diseases than wars and it doesn’t receive the same media attention of natural disasters and wars. The good news is that there are many organizations that are aware of this water crisis. Not only in Ethiopia, but around the world.

I believe that people are innately good-natured. I believe that we have the heart to serve. I believe that we have the responsibility to build a better world. Unfortunately, I believe people lack the information, the facts, and sometimes let our selfishness control how we live. I believe, though, that if you dig deep and understand your strengths you can use your talents, your education, your knowledge and your interests toward a cause that you deem most important.

I am interested in many areas of sustainable aid, and the water crisis is one of them. I will be embarking on a journey back to Ethiopia this year along with my sister-in-law, Lauren. We will be assisting an independent water project in southern Ethiopia where we will have the opportunity to teach health and hygeine classes and witness first-hand where a water well will be placed in Turmi, Ethiopia.  If you want to know more, assist financially, or just ask a question, please follow the links above.

= Thank you

You try it!

Charity:Water is an organization that has sponsored many clean water projects – and over 30 in Ethiopia alone.
May you be inspired to do more.

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  1. Lauren permalink
    January 12, 2011 8:40 am

    Jen-you did an amazing job putting this site together! I can’t wait to share it with others(:

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